Silicone Rubber for Medical Pipe Catalyzed by Platinum in Extrusion Mold

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Silicone Rubber for Medical Pipe Catalyzed by Platinum in Extrusion Mold

Model No.
SSR2026AE/BE, SSR2028AE/BE, SSR2026-50A/B

Product Description
This bi-component platinum catalyzed solid silicone rubber is suitable for extrusion or compression molding processes. It features high transparency, high tensile strength, good elastic resilience, rapid curing, non post cure, anti-yellowing property, thermal aging resistance, etc. It can operate under extreme temperatures from -60℃ to 250℃ while still maintaining all useful properties. This solid silicone rubber is used to make medical pipes.

Keep sealed and store under cool, dark conditions

SR260AE and SR260BE are blended inside a roller with a ratio of 1:1. The inside roller temperature should be strictly controlled below 50℃ to avoid crosslinking reaction taking place.

This product is packed in 20kg barrels.

Typical Property

Property Unit SSR2026AE/BE SSR2028AE/BE SSR2026-50A/B
Appearance Transparent
Specific Gravity 1.18 1.22 1.18
Hardness Shore A 60 75 50
Tensile Strength MPa 9.0 8.5 11.06
Elongation at Break % 600 360 781
Tear Strength kN/m 35.0 28.0 34.3
Curing Condition 150℃X5mins, 2mm x 150mm x 150mm sheet
Test Standard JIS K 6301

1. The above technical properties are for reference only. For detailed molding conditions, please contact us directly.
2. The product should be closed tightly , protected form light and moisture, the shelf life is 24 months
3. SSR2026-50A/B is specially for extrusion molding

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