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  • Silicone Rubber for Cell Phone Keypad Products Cured Fast Under High TemperatureThis transparent bi-component platinum catalyzed liquid silicone rubber is suitable for high temperature injection molding. The most outstanding characteristic is that it can perform fast curing under high temperature conditions. The cured form features good rebound ability, high tear strength, excellent thermal stability, low yellowing rate ...
  • Silicone Rubber for Cell Phone Keypad Products Cured Fast Under Low TemperatureThis bi-component platinum catalyzed liquid silicone rubber is able to perform fast curing under low temperature conditions, i.e. below 120℃. With a mixing ratio of 1:1, it is suitable for making P+R cell phone keypads. Our silicone rubber for cell phone keypad features high transparency, good rebound ability and it is non-toxic and odorless.
  • RTV-LSRThe RTV-LSR is a low viscosity, room temperature curable, platinum catalyzed, bi-component liquid silicone rubber. The mixing ratio for the two components should be 1:1. Our RTV-LSR features high transparency, strong adhesion with general silicone rubber, low viscosity, etc. It supports curing under room temperature.
  • Silicone Rubber Suitable for Pour Molding ProcessFree of any heavy metal and aromatic hydrocarbon solvent, this platinum catalyzed bi-component low viscosity liquid silicone rubber is guaranteed to be harmless for human body. It is suitable for pour molding process and the mixing ratio of the two components should be 1:1. This silicone rubber can be cured under both low and high temperatures ...

SQUARE Silicone Materials is a leading manufacture and distributor of fast cure silicone rubbers, based in China. We began our development and manufacturing business on silicone products in 2002. Years of experience have earned us the ability to manufacture high quality RTV-LSR, silicone gel, food grade silicone, silicone rubber for medical use, and more. Today we have developed more 60 products in 13 categories and our solid and liquid silicone rubbers are sought after by customers from England, the USA, Australia, and Brazil, among others.

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