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Model No.

This thermal gel is suitable for megawatt grade permanent magnetism wind generation power machinery heat conductive silicone grease and silicone seal ring.

Technical Parameters
Needle penetration: 300±40
Relative density: 2.0-2.2g/cm3 25℃
Ionization degree: ≤2.0%, (150℃/168h)
Weight loss: ≤1.5%(150℃/168h)
Thermal conductivity: ≥1.8(W/(m.K)
Appearance: It is able to retain its original shape, no collapse and does not flow.
Working temperature: -50℃-200℃

As an experienced silicone material manufacturer based in China, SQUARE Silicone Materials Company has been engaged in the research and manufacture of silicone material since 2002. We are specialized in liquid silicone rubber and solid silicone rubber. Our products are used in such fields as electronic products, electric power, medical instrument, baby products, kitchenware, automobile, textile, mechanical engineering, consumer products, etc. With high quality and low prices, these products are exported to the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Brazil, Thailand and other countries. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our silicone material.

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