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  • PigmentWe are able to mix colors and provide specific colors according to customer requirements.  Instructions or users directions are offered upon request.  As an experienced silicone materials manufacturer and supplier based in China, we implement new technologies and produce new products ...
  • PrimerThe PT28 primer is suitable for bonding between silicone rubber and inorganic interfaces such as metal, glass and ceramic materials. It is a high active and easily decomposable silane coupling agent. The hydrolysis group of this primer can be condensed and combined with the bonding hydroxyl of inorganic materials to form bonding SiO ...
  • Silicone Oil With different viscosity, this series of silicone oil is used as diluter for adjusting viscosity and hardness of general silicone rubbers. It is a transparent, non-toxic, odorless liquid and contains an active group that can perform cross-linking reaction.
  • Platinum Complex CatalystThis active platinum complex is specially manufactured for catalyzing silicone rubber products. It is non-toxic, odorless and meets the related medical and food standards.
    Our platinum complex catalyst is packed in 1kg jars.
  • Peroxide CatalystThis series of active peroxide is specifically manufactured for catalyzing silicone rubber products. C-2 is used for extrusion molding silicone rubbers while C-8B and C-31 are used for compression molding silicon rubbers.
    Our peroxide catalyst is packed in 1kg jars or 20kg barrels.

We are a professional China-based additive manufacturer and supplier. Located in Shenzhen City, our company has easy access to convenient sea, land and air transportation. This geographical advantage allows us to deliver our goods very promptly and economically.

If you have any related need, please feel free to contact us. We at SQUARE Silicon Materials look forward to doing business with you.

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