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Product Description
This bi-component platinum catalyzed liquid silicone rubber is able to perform fast curing under low temperature conditions, i.e. below 120℃. With a mixing ratio of 1:1, it is suitable for making P+R cell phone keypads. Our silicone rubber for cell phone keypad features high transparency, good rebound ability and it is non-toxic and odorless.

The silicone rubber for cell phone keypad is available in 20kg or 200kg barrels.

Typical Property

Properties Test method Unit LSR6929-60AFC/BFC LSR6929-70AFC/BFC
Viscosity DIN53019 mPa.s 70x104 90x104
Shore A hardness D2204 °A 60 65
Tensile strength D412 MPa 7.5 7.0
Elongation at break D412 % 360 340
Tear strength D624B KN/m 30.0 30.0
Linear shrinkage 2.0 2.0
TC90(100℃x3mins) s 116 116

Note: The above technical properties are for reference only. For detailed molding conditions, please contact us directly.

In addition to silicone rubber for cell phone keypad, we also provide other silicone materials, including highly transparent silicone rubber and silicone rubber for roller surface materials etc. With high quality and low prices, our products are welcomed by our customers in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Brazil, Thailand, and more countries. Please feel free to contact us, if you are looking for any silicone materials!

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